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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Preparing for our big move to Atlanta, Georgia and my new job at Ionic Security

    I won't have a lot of time to write this blog post. But it's been over a year or so since the last time we did any blog posts on this site. I wanted to take the chance to let everyone know that I've accepted a position at a new company. My last day at Symantec was March 13th 2015. It was hard to leave the job, with so many friends and colleagues that I've gotten to know at the company over the past 4 years or so. But we decided it was the best thing to help further my career and to have a better opportunity for my family. I had a farewell lunch on Thursday the 12th with some of my coworkers in Springfield, OR and my old manager Todd Chapman, along with Ellie since I watch her on Thursdays from home currently now that Becky is back at work full-time again.

Photo at farewell lunch before leaving Symantec (click to expand the photos/screenshots from my Facebook feed)

    The new position I accepted is located in Atlanta, GA. The business office is specifically in an area of Atlanta they call Mid-Town. It's where most the business parks are located at and it's a very fast growing, up and coming area. They close down various streets in the area regularly to do movie/film production there and there is a massive influx of startup companies and well established businesses as well. This gives me a lot more opportunities with the number of jobs in the IT/Tech sector out there vs Eugene as well. It took a lot of deliberation, prayer, and thought to finally decide on what we wanted to do. But once we made the plunge, I've been so glad that I did. We listed our house in Eugene, OR on the market on Saturday the 14th and it received a full price offer the same day :)

    This was excellent news for me since I had already left on a trip to Atlanta on Friday the 13th to check out homes in the Gwinnett County area of Georgia and start work on Monday the 16th.

    It was stressful looking at jobs that whole weekend with the realtor without having Becky there at my side looking at houses with me. But fortunately we had already been spending the past 30-45 days on the internet looking at homes and various areas that we could see for homes for sale in to get some ideas of what we like. So when I went out there to look at houses we had narrowed our list of homes down to pretty much one subdivision because we loved it so much. After spending a couple days looking at the various floor plans, house designs, lot sizes, doing face-time to show Becky and the kids the existing houses and deciding if we were going to try and buy an existing already built him in the subdivision or build our own on an empty lot, we decided on the home we want to purchase.

Link to the home: 

EDIT: Changed the link since the other link to the house is not published now that the house is under contract.

    On Monday the 16th of March was my first day at the new job working for Ionic Security, Inc in Atlanta,  Georgia.  It was pretty rough my first day after having a severe lack of sleep trying to adjust to the time change still, missing my family at home, and all the stress and anxiety from selling our home in Eugene, starting a new job, and buying a new house all around the same time...

 On the first day at my job I realized very quickly that they have an awesome company culture at my new job.   The people there are very friendly and welcoming.  Everybody works together as a team to get the job done.  There was a lot of collaboration work that I witnessed happening all the time as I was walking the floor and getting a chance to introduce myself to everyone.   The company is still fairly small at a size of around 150 employees, but they are rapidly expanding.

On my fourth day at the job we had a pretty cool event come up that we learned about.  This was the opportunity for our CTO, Adam Ghetti, to appear on Fox Business Network and talk about Computer Security and protecting your data from hackers and what Ionic is doing to help improve the existing problems in Security.

Here is the video clip for those of you who are interested in seeing it the video is only about 3.5 minutes long.

We still have a long journey ahead as we are packing all of our things up, getting rid of things that we don't need, and going through inspections, appraisals, document signing, talks with the lender and everything to get ready for the big move across the country.

I will be glad when the move is all over with and we can look back at this as a positive experience and as a turning point in our life.  But it all seems to hectic and stressful when you are involved in it.

If you are interested in finding out more about the move, my new job, the area in which we are planning to live in, etc.  Then please let me know what other questions you have.   I have a lot of ones that have already been presented to me over and over again as part of the move and job change happening all at once.  So I plan to working on creating an FAQ page that we can point people to for updates and answers to questions.

In the meantime, wish us luck!

Ben, Becky, Brad, Ross, and Ellie (with our sweet angel baby Ava watching down on us)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Cascades Raptor Center

This labor day weekend was a great weekend. I started out on Saturday taking the kids to the Cascades Raptor Center. It was really interesting reading about how all the individual birds ended up there. They also had 4 bald eagles there. I found it amazing to be 2 feet away from them. They had about 30 birds in total. The boys can't wait to go again.
Later that day we went to Amazon Pool. And the next day we went to the South Jetty County Park to go to the beach and sand dunes in Florence, Oregon. We can't wait to go back!